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Fix your Wordpress site and reach maximum speed

We are experts in Wordpress websites since 2012. We have been working with more than 1.000 websites and learned how to reach an incredible speed and a top performance in all indicator tools, including the most popular Google PageSpeed Insights.

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Services that we offer to speed up your website

Full performance optimization

Full performance optimization

We will  clean all the code, improve it and compress all images to make  your website less heavy and needing of fewer requests, meaning your site becomes way faster.These are some of the tasks we will carry on in your website:
  • Gzip compression
  • Inline small CSS
  • Minify HTML
  • Minify Javascript & CSS
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Optimize and compress images
  • Enable keep-alive
  • Make fewer HTTP requests
  • Activate LazyLoading for images
We achieve 100/100 in PageSpeed Insights for most of our clients sites, what will make Google love it!

Move website to Litespeed

Moving your website to a Litespeed server with LS Cache

For the most demanding clients we can even move the website to a Lightspeed server, which is nowadays the fastest server  which exists for website use.This server,  besides of speed, it does have the most developed cache tool (LS Cache) which makes the site load from the RAM cached in the server and improving even more the loading speed of the website.In this case what we will do is:
  • Server migration to Lightspeed server (latest technology)
  • Leverage browser catching with LS Cache
We manage to get the website to load in under 1s in most of the cases! Both Google and your customers will love you for it!

Optimize your e-mail deliveratibility

Service to optimize your e-mail deliverability

We are very aware that most e-mails go to spam. That is basically because your website name is not popular and is not identified as a reliable sender.We will move your e-mail to a reliable e-mail server which have 99% guaranteed delivery.The tasks we must do are:
  • Email migration
  • Establish a proper DNS
  • Set up the e-mail so it's not stopped by spam filters


"We are so confident in our services that we offer 100% money back guarantee If we don't achieve what we’ve promised"

Fixing wordpress sites since 2012
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About us

About us

We are a top-notch company which have been working in the online sector since 2012.

We have developed all kind of websites and since the last updates from Google algorithms we decided to focus solely improving the performance of our clients, helping them increase both conversions and rankings (since it's now a very important ranking factor).


Contact us

Contact us

Are you worried about your website performance? Your clients are not converting and the speed might be influencing? Your e-mail doesn't reach the destination and you are having difficulties to get in touch with your clients?

Don't hesitate, contact us, we will check your site and let you know how we can improve it. We guess we don't need to mention consultation is FREE!


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